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Gov. DeSantis signs SB 102 into law

On Wednesday, March 29th, Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 102, also known as the “Live Local Act,” into law. The law is an attempt to make housing more affordable in Florida. Among the many components of the law is a preemption of local government regulations on land use designation, density and building heights in certain circumstances.

There is a lot of discussion about how this would affect MSV so MSVPlan has reviewed and broken down the law as it would apply to Miami Shores. 

NEWS: DEO returns comments on Comp Plan

On March 20th DEO returned comments on the Comp Plan Amendment as it was transmitted in early January. In the letter and accompanying agency comment letters FDOT remarks at the deficiency in traffic analysis as required by Florida Law (starting on page 11). As of the date of the letter, the amendment version transmitted in February remains under review by DEO.

Council votes to allow moratorium to lapse on April 6th

Setting the scene for planning chaos and potential liability for the Village, the council has voted to allow the moratorium against FLUM amendments and rezonings to expire on April 6th and not be renewed by this Council despite the fact that the comprehensive plan remains unfixed and internally inconsistent. The newly elected council will have the opportunity to reinstate the moratorium at the first meeting on April 18th.

Village staff has confirmed that, once the moratorium lapses, all applications for rezonings and FLUM amendments will be evaluated against MSV's currently operative Comp Plan - the 2025 Comp Plan (as adopted in 2018) - which has the following designations for the vacant land at issue:

> 10500 Biscayne Blvd : Multi-family

> Barry property: Institutional

NEWS: April 11th Sample Ballot Now Available

The Miami Shores Village official sample ballot is now available for the April 11 election! There are 9 candidates and 10 charter amendment questions, so it is time to get educated.

UPDATE: Miami Shores United Created

Local non-profit organization Miami Shores United, Inc., which was formed to protect the mutual community interests of Miami Shores residents and preserve the strength and character of Miami Shores' primarily single-family residential community with its hallmark small-town feel, endorsed 3 candidates for the April 11 election.





On February 21st, 2023 the Miami Shores Village Council dismissed overwhelming public opposition to the comprehensive plan amendment, including a petition with over 1500 signatures to date, and voted 3-2 to approve a comprehensive plan amendment that permits the addition of 1,246 residential units (32% increase in total residential units) in the form of mixed-use and multi-family dwelling units.

The law requires several more steps to be completed before the Comprehensive Plan is officially amended, and on a timeline that has several variables. Fortunately, Miami Shores residents will elect 3 new Council members on April 11th, 2023.


The voice of this Village has been clear over the last several months, and the election will be our opportunity to elect council members who will represent our interests and OUR VOICE.


We are calling on all residents to REGISTER to Vote, get EDUCATED on the candidates, make a PLAN, and VOTE.

Sign the Petition!

Let Village Council know that you are NOT okay with haphazard and unsound planning.

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